Scrap Metal

List of Services

As one of the leading scrap metal recycling specialists, we provide a full range of services to meet the diverse needs of industrial, commercial and residential. Our services ranging from scrap metal recycling, car salvage, battery recycling, metals and machinery removal, factory demolition and clearance. Our professional and experienced team has the tools and know how to get the job done on time and to budget. However, we do not accept stolen or hazardous metals.

We provide pick-up service to industrial and commercial customers who have the volume of scrap metal generated is enough to justify an economic service. We have a variety of trucks and roll off bins to get the job done depend on customer requirement. The industrial and commercial customers can be: auto parts dealer, mechanic workshop, metal fabricators and site clean-up.

We have a Demolition and removal division which specialise in factory demolition. We can provide on-site demolition and clean- out service of factory inventory, machinery and scrap metal according your need. We recycle all types of obsolete machinery and electronic equipment.

We buy any domestic metals delivered to our yard, regardless how small the amount it may seem. We are not able to provide pick-up service for residential due to economic constraint.

We buy all types of metals at our yard located at Jinjang. Our experienced team will off load the scrap metal from your vehicle, weight them with fully calibrated scale or weight bridge and grade them precisely.

We deal with overseas scrap metals recycling companies and industrial customers. We buy Scrap Aluminium, Scrap Irony Aluminium, Scrap Copper and Brass, Scrap Car Loom Wire, Scrap Cable, Scrap Motor, Scrap Engine and others. All the scrap metals will be loaded in 40ft or 20ft shipping container.